Preparing for the Lesson

Your first task will be to get the Lesson 4 media into iPhoto. Here's how to do it.


If it isn't already open, launch iPhoto.

You should see Lesson 3's Student roll 1 in the iPhoto window; if not, follow the steps in "Preparing for the Lesson" in Lesson 3 to bring in that material and prepare it. iPhoto is ready for your next rolls of film.


Open the Lessons folder that you copied to your hard disk from the enclosed DVD.


Open the Lesson04 folder and drag L4.Biz roll 1, L4.Biz roll 2, L4.Biz roll 3, and L4.Dad roll 1 into your open iPhoto window.

When these four rolls are added to Student roll 1, your Library should look like this:

By default, iPhoto adds rolls to your Library and sorts them by roll date. To make viewing easier at this point, collapse each roll into a single line by clicking the black triangle on the left side of each roll icon. Before moving on, put your screen in this state:

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