Faxing Using the Internet

Even if you don't have a modem installed on your computer, you can still use a connection to the Internet via a DSL, cable, or satellite connection to send and receive faxes. Faxing through the Internet requires you to set up an account through a Web site that offers this capability. Several such Web sites exist.

If you look closely at the first page of Word's Fax Wizard, you can see a button labeled Internet Fax Options. If you click this button, a Web page with a link to the eFax service appears, as shown in Figure 45.14. This service costs a fee, but it can deliver faxes directly to your e-mail.

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Figure 45.14: Several online services, such as eFax, enable you to send and receive faxes through the Internet.

If you're considering using an Internet fax service, consider these vendors:

  • http://www.eFax.com

  • http://www.MyFax.com

  • http://www.JFax.com

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