The computer is only a platform for storing and running software, but the software that you install on your computer depends on your needs. Some software is designed to help your computer run better, and other applications are designed for producing specific files like text documents, graphics, or videos.

If you intend to use your computer to connect to the Internet, you need to install and configure a Web browser and an e-mail client. This software lets you surf Web pages and send and receive e-mails. In addition to the common Internet software, it is a good idea to install software such as a firewall and antivirus software to help keep your data and system safe. Other utility packages don't deal with the Internet but can keep your system working properly and protected.

The core applications installed on your system enable you to work productively on your computer. This application software may include programs like word processors, spreadsheets, presentation packages, and databases. These packages are commonly collected together into a suite of products. Other applications can include finance, tax, graphics, and audio/video solutions.

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