Lab 18.2 Self-Review Questions

In order to test your progress, you should be able to answer the following questions.


One of the differences between the nested tables and varrays is that

  1. _____ nested tables can be sparse, and varrays cannot.

  2. _____ varrays can be sparse, and nested tables cannot.


A varray has an upper bound that

  1. _____ can be extended without any limits.

  2. _____ can be extended to its maximum size.

  3. _____ is fixed and cannot be extended to all.


A varray must be initialized prior to its use.

  1. _____ True

  2. _____ False


If a varray has maximum size of 5 and contains 2 elements

  1. _____ the LIMIT and COUNT methods return the same value of 5.

  2. _____ the LIMIT and COUNT methods return the same value of 2.

  3. _____ the LIMIT method returns the value of 5, and the COUNT method returns the value of 2.


If a varray has eight elements, the DELETE (3, 7) method

  1. _____ deletes the third and seventh elements of the collection.

  2. _____ deletes the third element and ignores the seventh element of the collection.

  3. _____ deletes the elements three to seven.

  4. _____ causes an error.

Answers appear in Appendix A, Section 18.2 .

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