Chapter 12 Test Your Thinking

In this chapter, we have learned about creating procedures, with and without the use of parameters. Additionally, you learned about where information and source code for these procedures can be found.


Write a procedure with no parameters. The procedure will let you know if the current day is a weekend or a weekday. Additionally, it will let you know the user name and current time. It will also let you know how many valid and invalid procedures are in the database.


Write a procedure that takes in a zipcode, city, and state and inserts the values into the zipcode table. There should be a check to see if the zipcode is already in the database. If it is, an exception will be raised and an error message will be displayed. Write an anonymous block that uses the procedure and inserts your zipcode .

The projects in this section are meant to have you utilize all of the skills that you have acquired throughout this chapter. The answers to these projects can be found in Appendix D and at the companion Web site to this book, located at Visit the Web site periodically to share and discuss your answers.

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