5.7 The Roles of Team Members

IT Phase 5 ”Beta

  1. Fixes bugs

  2. Approves docs

  3. Attends phase review

Communications Phase 5 ”Beta

  1. For Internal Announcement:

    1. Gets e-mail ready and approved for companywide blast

    2. Works with company Web editor to place banner announcing new application

    3. Gets approval for banner to be hung in cafeteria or office entrance .

  2. For External Announcement:

    1. Completes press kit and project collateral

    2. Interviews users and completes case studies

    3. Stages press tour

    4. Places ads and defines how ads will be monitored for effectiveness

    5. Plans telemarketing campaign and defines how campaigns will be monitored

  3. Attends phase review

Business Development Phase 5 ”Beta

  1. Completes Announcement Plan

  2. Briefs press and analysts

  3. Attends phase review

Project Manager Phase 5 ”Beta

  1. Confirms that Business Development and Communications have completed the Announcement Plan

  2. Confirms that Release Plan is complete and ready for execution

  3. Confirms that any equipment needed for end users has been ordered and will be received on time; if appropriate, staging area and people are available, trained, and ready; and software contracts have been signed

  4. Confirms that beta sites receive the project and have signed off that the project works

  5. Presents beta and project status to executive staff (Phase 5 review)

QA Phase 5 ”Beta

  1. Manages beta sites

  2. Sends docs and code to beta sites exercising the sales process

  3. Continues to test project

  4. Reproduces beta bugs

  5. Confirms that bugs are fixed

  6. Signs off on quality of project

  7. Attends phase review

Help Desk Phase 5 ”Beta

  1. Works with QA to support beta sites

  2. Confirms bugs are fixed

  3. Signs off on quality and supportability of project

  4. Attends phase review

Documentation Phase 5 ”Beta

  1. Provides QA with draft docs for beta

  2. Updates docs with beta information

  3. Attends phase review

Training Phase 5 ”Beta

  1. Creates training course

  2. Attends phase review

5.7 in a Nutshell

Each team member is responsible for executing a number of tasks :

  • IT

  • Project Manager

  • Quality Assurance

  • Help Desk

  • Documentation

  • If applicable , Communications and Business Development

  • Training

Effective IT Project Management
Effective IT Project Management: Using Teams to Get Projects Completed on Time and Under Budget
Year: 2004
Pages: 105
Authors: Anita Rosen

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