Saving in emacs

Saving in emacs

Save yourself potential headaches by saving frequently. To save files in emacs (Figure 4.20), follow these steps.

Figure 4.20. Saving is very importantat least if you want to keep the results of your efforts.

To Save Text in emacs:

  • hairyspiders

    Press to let emacs know that another command is coming, and then to save. Finally, type the filename (hairyspiders, in this example) you want to use for the file, then press . If you've already saved the file once, just press .


  • If you look around in your home directory (or whatever directory you're working in) after experimenting with emacs, you'll probably notice a slew of files with names ending in ~. Those are emacs backup files, created for your convenience and sanity. If you don't need them, just delete them with rm i *~. If you do need them, just use mv oopsie~ oopsie and you're back in business.

  • If you want to save a file over an existing file, use , and then enter the existing filename to overwrite the original.

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