Downloading, Placing, and Uncompressing Software

Once you've found software you want to install, your next step is to download it, put it in the proper place, and then uncompress it (Code Listing 14.1). This process includes several tasks that you've already learned in other parts of this book, so we won't go over them in detail here. For this section, we assume that you already know what you want to download and where it can be found. In the example, we're downloading the latest version of yencode, using links, from the Web site.

Code Listing 14.1. The process of downloading software and getting ready to install it is rather straightforward.

jdoe /home/jdoe $ mv yencode-0.46.tar.gz  ~/src/ jdoe /home/jdoe $ cd ~/src jdoe /home/jdoe/src $ tar -xzf  yencode-0.46.tar.gz jdoe /home/jdoe/src $ cd yencode-0.46 jdoe /home/jdoe/src/yencode-0.46 $ 

To Download, Place, and Uncompress Software:



Use links to connect to the software archive, Web site, or whatever you're downloading from.


Browse to the correct location. Go ahead. We'll wait.


Choose the file to download by pressing when the link to the file is highlighted.

Confirm that you want to download the file.


Quit the links program after the transfer is complete.


mv yencode-0.46.tar.gz ~/src/

Move the archive file into the src subdirectory under your home directory. (Create the directory first, if necessary.) You could use any directory, but it's standard to use an src directory.


cd ~/src

Change into the src directory.


tar -xzf rpm-2.5.1.tar.gz

Unzip and untar the source code archive with tar.


cd yencode-0.46

Change into your new directory, and get ready to compile and install. Whew! See Code Listing 14.1 for much of the process.


  • You can also use wget or ftp to download your software, which might be easier if you know exactly the URL of the software you want to download.

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