Determining Disk Usage with du

Determining Disk Usage with du

Another piece of information that you can access is how much disk space within the Unix system is in use. You can do so using du, as shown in Code Listing 7.5.

To Determine Disk Usage with du:

  • du

    At the shell prompt, enter du. As Code Listing 7.5 shows, you'll get information about disk usage in the current directory as well as in all subdirectories. The numbers are usually measured in 1 Kbyte blocks (as with df). You can actually read the output by using du -h.


  • If you're on a system that enforces disk space quotas (as most ISPs do), you can find out what your quota is and how close you are to reaching it. Just type quota -v at the shell prompt.

  • You can use du with a path name to check the disk usage in just a single directory or subdirectory (see Code Listing 7.6).du summarizes the usage by subdirectory as it prints the results.

  • Use du -s, optionally with a specific directory, to just print a summary of the amount of space used.

Code Listing 7.5. The du command reports exhaustivelyabout the disk usage in the current directory and in its subdirectories.

[ejr@hobbes ejr]$ du 2    ./Mail 1    ./nsmail 1    ./.netscape/cache/0F 3    ./.netscape/cache/1A 22   ./.netscape/cache 1    ./.netscape/archive 172  ./.netscape 1    ./Projects 28   ./.wprc 3    ./axhome 5    ./groups 1    ./manipulate/empty 154  ./manipulate 1    ./mail 1    ./unixvqs/ch6 2    ./unixvqs 6    ./dupgroups 255  ./compression/Folder 670  ./compression/temp/BackupFolder 1921 ./compression/temp 670  ./compression/BackupFolder 4657 ./compression 5    ./clean 1    ./.elm 15   ./editors 5619 . [ejr@hobbes ejr]$ 

Code Listing 7.6. Using du with a specific directory name gives you focused results.

[ejr@hobbes ejr]$ du /home/ejr/compression 255   /home/ejr/compression/Folder 670   /home/ejr/compression/temp/         BackupFolder 1921  /home/ejr/compression/temp 670   /home/ejr/compression/BackupFolder 4657  /home/ejr/compression [ejr@hobbes ejr]$ 

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