Managing Displays: Displays and Display Calibrator Assistant

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Chapter 5. Configuring Tiger Hardware Support and Preferences


  • Managing Displays: Displays and Display Calibrator Assistant

  • Configuring Keyboards and Mice: Keyboard & Mouse

  • Tablet Device Input: Ink

  • Bluetooth Devices and Services: Bluetooth Preferences and Bluetooth File Exchange

  • Disks and Disk Images: Disk Utility

  • Scanners, Cameras, and Media Readers: Image Capture

  • Audio Input and Output: Sound Preferences and Audio MIDI Setup

  • Switching Between Operating Systems: Startup Disk

  • Handling Optical Media: CDs and DVDs

  • Saving Electricity and the Environment: Energy Saver

Out of the box, Tiger supports hardware such as tablets for handwriting recognition, storage devices, USB sound output devices, even cameras and scanners. Getting these devices working with the operating system, however, can be a bit on the befuddling side because the settings aren't necessarily where you'd expect to find them. This chapter covers the tools available for working with supported devices along with the associated system preference panels that haven't been covered elsewhere.

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