Requests for Comments, by the Internet Engineering Task Force of the Internet Society. Base URL

Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI), Generic Syntax, RFC 2396, August 1998, rfc2396.txt

Uniform Resource Locators (URL), RFC 1738, December 1994, rfc1738.txt

URN Namespace Definition Mechanisms, RFC 2611, June 1999, rfc2611.txt

URN Syntax, RFC 2141, May 1997, rfc2141.txt

XML Schema Recommendation, by World Wide Web Consortium. Base URL

Part 0: Primer, xmlschema-0.html

Part 1: Structures, xmlschema-1.html

Part 2: Datatypes, xmlschema-2.html

XML Schemas: Best Practice Homepage, at Roger Costello's xFront site. Base URL This very good site addresses several issues having to do with the W3C XML Schema language. Particularly in regard to this chapter, I recommend the piece on regular expressions as used in the W3C XML Schema language.

Using XML with Legacy Business Applications
Using XML with Legacy Business Applications
ISBN: 0321154940
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Year: 2003
Pages: 181

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