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Here are a few ways you can continue playing with your project:

  • Create an animated accent bar below the title by adding a solid layer that's the same width as the title but only about 5 pixels high. Place the solid under the title in the Timeline, and apply the Ramp effect to it. Finally, animate the X value of the layer's Scale property from 0% at time 0;00 to 72.2% at time 1;28 to 100% at time 3;15.

  • To change the text reflection to a shadow, set the Text Reflection layer's Blending Mode to Silhouette Alpha in the Modes column, and then lower the layer's Opacity to about 35%.

  • Once you're satisfied with the animation, save and then reuse individual effect properties, animations, or both by saving them as a preset in the Effects & Presets palette. (Presets is the term used in After Effects 6.5 to refer to what previous versions called Favorites.) To do so, select the items that you want to save in the Timeline and either click Create New Animation Preset in the Effects & Presets palette or choose Animation > Save Animation Preset. After applying an animation preset, you can subsequently modify and enhance the added properties and keyframes in the Timeline.

    Adding an animated bar below the title

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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