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To add the remaining design elements for this project, do the following two tasks:

  • Create a fake 16:9 letterbox with a comp-size, black (RGB: 0, 0, 0) solid by cutting out the solid's center with the Rectangular Mask tool in Subtract mode. Apply a Stroke effect to the solid to outline the letterbox.

  • Add the text line An Urban Drama to the top left and tonight at 11pm to the bottom right of the Letterbox layer. Be sure to consider the Title and Action Safe boundaries in the composition when creating your letterbox.

To continue experimenting with After Effects lights, explore the Lux effect provided by Trapcode:

  • Visualize your light's source by applying the Trapcode company's Lux effect to a solid layer. If you don't have this effect, you can download a demo version from the company's Web site at The Lux effect works seamlessly with the properties of existing lights in your composition. Based on these settings, the Lux effect creates a visual representation of the light. If your light is positioned offscreen, then you won't see the effect (obviously).

  • To add the light rays that appear to project around the title layer from a light behind the title, apply the Trapcode company's Shine effect to a duplicate copy of the A&C Title layer. Set the effect's Colorize option to One Color, colored black (RGB: 0, 0, 0). Select the Shine effect's Source Point property in the Timeline, and choose Animation > Add Expression. Drag the Expression's Pick Whip to the Position parameter of the Light 1 layer.

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