Creating the First Speaker

The sOnic Radar composition was created when you imported the sOnic file as a Composition with cropped layers. It contains eight layers that create what appears to be a solid white circle, which is actually a stack of stroked and unfilled circles. You'll position these circles in 3D space to add depth and create a virtual speaker.

The original Illustrator file's dimensions are only 111x113, so your first task is to enlarge the composition:


Open the sOnic Radar Comp 1 composition, and change its settings (Composition > Composition Settings) to use the NTSC D1 Square Pix, 720x540 preset, with Duration 1;16.


Select all the circle layers, and turn on their 3D switches in the Timeline.


With all the circle layers still selected, press the P key to display their Position properties. Deselect the layers.


Starting with the circle 2 layer, set each layer's Z value -5 degrees away from the previous layer. As a result, the Z-axis value of circle 1 is 0, the value for circle 2 is -5, the value for circle 3 is -10, and so on.

The circle layers with new Position values

The circle layers viewed from the left


Save the composition. Duplicate the sOnic Radar Comp in the Project window, and rename one Still Radar and the other Radar Pulse.

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