Adding an Atmospheric Background

Adding a background to this project gives the viewer a frame of reference for the text, which currently floats unanchored in 3D space. Lucky for you, we've provided the foundation for the background by giving you the file, and you just need to add some finish to it:


Create a new composition with the same measurements as the otherNTSC D1 Square Pix, 720x540, with Duration 5;00and name it Random Master Comp.


Drag the Random Text Basic composition from the Project window into the Random Master Comp Timeline at time 0;00.


To give the text a cloudy fill, apply Effect > Noise & Grain > Fractal Noise to the Random Text Basic layer. The effect's default settings are fine.


Drag the file from the Project window to the Timeline at time 0;00, under the Random Text Basic layer.


Change the Background movie's Scale to 115, 115% to compensate for its dimensions, which are smaller than the composition. Because the background is a nonsquare pixel movie and the composition uses square pixels, there will be some distortion; but in this case, it will work to your advantage as a motion background.


Apply Effect > Adjust > Brightness & Contrast to the Background movie. Set the effect's Brightness to 70 and Contrast to 45.


Add a Box Blur effect with Blur Radius set to 15 and Blur Dimensions set to Vertical.

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