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Randal, Allison   2nd  
read opcode   2nd  
readline opcode  
       to subroutines  
referencing operator  
register backing stacks  
register frames
       saving to backing stack  
       difference between PASM registers and temporary register variables  
       Parrot   [See PASM, registers]
       spilling in IMCC  
       usage and subroutines  
       usage for subroutine calls  
regular expressions  
repeat opcode   2nd  
request, system  
restore opcode   2nd  
restoreall opcode   2nd  
ret opcode  
return conventions  
return exception  
reuse, principle of  
rotate_up opcode   2nd  
Rule class  
rule syntax  
       grammars and  
runinterp opcode  
running.pod file  
rvalues, using * on  


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