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p6i (Perl 6 internals mailing list)  
       base class  
       bug tracking  
       bytecode loader  
       bytecode, creating  
               clone and  
               IMCC and  
       compiler module   2nd  
        core design principles  
       dead object detection system  
       getting involved  
       interpreter   [See interpreter, Parrot]
       loadable opcode library system  
       native data type   [See PMCs]
       optimizer module  
       parser module  
       patch submission  
       stacks and registers   [See registers stacks]
       subroutine calling conventions  
Parrot assembly   [See PASM]
Parrot Intermediate Language   [See PIR]
Parrot Magic Cookies   [See PMCs]
Parrot::Test module  
ParrotIO object  
parser, Parrot  
parsing text  
PASM (Parrot assembly language)  
       bitwise operations  
       conditional branches  
       flow control  
       global variables  
       I/O operations  
       label definitions  
       lexical variables  
       logical operations  
       math operations  
       opcodes, quick references  
       registers   2nd  
               difference between temporary register variables and  
       source code  
       string operations  
               chopping strings  
               converting strings  
               formatting strings  
               repeating strings  
               testing for substrings  
       strings, difference between PIR strings  
peek_pad opcode  
Perl 6
       design philosophy  
               context sensitivity  
               end weight  
               linguistic and cognitive considerations  
               principle of distinction  
       mailing list  
       Perl 5 and  
Perl 6 language mailing list  
PerlArray PMC  
PerlHash PMC  
PerlInt PMC  
PerlNum PMC  
PerlString PMC  
PerlUndef PMC   2nd  
PIR (Parrot Intermediate Language)
       compilation units  
       flow control  
       loop constructs  
               difference between PASM  
       subroutine calls  
placeholder variables  
PMCs (Parrot Magic Cookies)  
       data structures  
       garbage collection and  
       handling method calls  
       object types  
               generating list of  
               header file  
       operations on  
       Parrot's native data type  
       registers, concat opcode  
       working with  
pop opcode  
pop_pad opcode   2nd  
popi opcode  
popn opcode  
popp opcode  
pops opcode  
POSIX-style classes  
POST property block  
pow opcode   2nd  
print opcode   2nd  
printerr opcode  
profile opcode  
property blocks  
prophash opcode   2nd  
push opcode  
push_pad opcode  
pushi opcode  
pushn opcode  
pushp opcode  
pushs opcode  
puts opcode  


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