Website Installation

Create a website on your web server. Right-click on My Computer, choose Manage, and the Computer Management MMC appears. Go to Services, then select the Services and Applications/Internet Information Services/Web Sites/default website. Here, with a right-click, choose New/Virtual directory.

Give a name to your website and give the path where the web pages are located.

After your website is created, you have to remove the anonymous access to your website to not give access to your Analysis Services cube to the ASP.Net account.

Access your website using Internet Explorer. If you have an error, check the version of the .NET framework you are using (at the bottom of the error page). If it is not .NET Framework Version 2, you have to switch your website to the new framework (for this purpose, you can use the ASP.NET version switcher located at

Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools
Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools
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