Sending Tasks

You can use GroupWise task messages for assigning projects to other GroupWise users. Tasks are also useful for large projects that involve many people.

To send a task, follow these steps:


Choose File, New, Task or click the New Task button on the Toolbar. The task message screen shown in Figure 7.4 appears.

Figure 7.4. A task can be delegated to another GroupWise user.


Address the task message by typing in the recipient's name or by using the Address Book.


Enter a priority code for the task. The task priority can be a character, number, or character followed by a number. For example, valid priority codes include A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, A1, B1, B2, and so on.


Enter the subject and message in the appropriate fields.


Select a start date. The start date is the date when the task will first appear in the recipient's calendar, after the recipient accepts the task from his or her mailbox.


Select a due date. Tasks that are not completed before the due date turn red in the recipient's calendar.


Click Send.

In addition to the priority code you enter in the task message screen, you can also set a priority for the task itself. Here's how:


While you are composing a new task message, choose the Send Options tab.


Select High, Standard, or Low priority.


Click Send.

Sending tasks allows you to electronically delegate activities to co-workers.

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