Chapter4.The GroupWise Address Book and the Address Selector

Chapter 4. The GroupWise Address Book and the Address Selector

The GroupWise Address Book is your GroupWise "yellow pages" it's your master directory for looking up information about other users. Using the Address Book, you can find other users' phone numbers, fax numbers, departments, and much more. It is also the primary tool for managing your contacts.

The Address Book is actually an independent software application that is tightly integrated with the GroupWise client. It can be launched independently of GroupWise to function as a corporate directory tool.


When we refer to the Address Book (capitalized), we mean the Address Book program that is part of GroupWise. When we refer to address book (lowercase), we are referring to one of the individual directoriessuch as the system address book or the Frequent Contacts address bookthat contains lists of users.

GroupWise 7 also utilizes a feature called the Address Selector, which is a simplified display of the Address Book that's shown when you are working with GroupWise messages (for example, when you are creating an email message).

Both the Address Book and the Address Selector pull their data from the same source in the GroupWise system.

In this chapter, we first discuss the functionality of the Address Book and the most common tasks you will perform therein. Then we discuss the Address Selector and explain the techniques you can use when addressing messages.

You can use the Address Book and the Address Selector components of GroupWise 7 to do the following:

  • Send messages to groups of users (for example, to all members of a specific department)

  • Create personal groups that list the users who are working on a particular project or receive common communications

  • Look up information about other GroupWise users, such as phone numbers

  • Create personal address books that contain addresses of users both inside and outside the GroupWise system, such as people you commonly correspond with on the Internet

  • Add or remove users from System Distribution Lists (if you have been defined as a group administrator by the GroupWise administrator)

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