AppendixB.GroupWise Startup Options

Appendix B. GroupWise Startup Options

The GroupWise Startup screen, shown in Figure B.1, is an introductory screen you might see when you run the GroupWise client software. You often will see the Startup screen when you run the GroupWise program for the first time after installation.

Figure B.1. The GroupWise Startup screen prompts for critical startup information.

The GroupWise Startup screen will appear if, for some reason, the GroupWise system does not recognize your network login ID or your GroupWise user ID. In this situation, you are prompted to enter the startup information. The GroupWise system requires this information to be able to locate your master mailbox on the network.

If the Startup screen appears, the first item to check is your GroupWise user ID. If you have entered the correct ID and you still receive this prompt, the GroupWise client does not know where to connect. If you are prompted with a password prompt, your GroupWise client knows where to connect and needs you to enter your GroupWise password.

If your user ID is correct and you receive this prompt, you need to provide GroupWise with instructions for connecting to your mailbox.


GroupWise will try several methods to identify where to connect to your mailbox. It is usually rare that the GroupWise client will not be able to figure out where to connect to your online mailbox if you have entered the correct user ID for your GroupWise system.

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