Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you learned that the format in which a package is saved determines whether certain features are available, affects the performance of a package, determines the options you have to secure the package, and determines the type of backup required to protect the package against disaster. You also learned a number of approaches you can use to execute a package, as well as how to pass a specific global variable value to a package to control its execution at run time. Finally, you learned how to use package execution logs and error files for tracking package activity and recording errors. Now you are ready to begin adding functionality and flexibility to your packages and continue building your data movement application.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 DTS Step by Step
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 DTS Step by Step (Step by Step (Microsoft))
ISBN: 0735619166
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 87
Authors: Carl Rabeler

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