Introduction to Validation

Installation and implementation of Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 should be tested and validated to ensure that the system is performing and acting the way you intend it to. These validations are performed at various times during the server installation process and during the database configuration or implementation process.

Validating the system is broken down into three levels:

  • Level 1 Technology

  • Level 2 Basic Project Server configuration

  • Level 3 Business process validation

Level 1Technology

Technology validation is performed to ensure that the back-end infrastructure of servers, network systems, and application services is operating properly to support Project Server 2003.

Breakdown of Technology Validations

Technology validation is divided into three categories. Each category addresses a specific technical installation requirement for Project Server to function properly. The categories are

  • Server operating system validation

  • Network systems validation

  • Application installation validation

Level 2Basic Project Server Configuration

Configuration validation enables you to confirm that Project Server is configured to view project data in the form and content you need to support your project management processes.

Breakdown of Basic Configuration Validation

Validating basic configuration is divided into three areas. They are

  • User role validation

  • Security setup validation

  • Data access and functionality validation

Level 3Business Process Validation

It is beneficial for you to verify that the setup of Project Server supports your project management business process. This validation is performed using process roles to confirm that each user has the proper functionality for the roles they play in the business process.

Breakdown of Business Process Validation

The steps for validating business process are

  • Establish role-based test users

  • Validate roles-based test case scenarios

  • Database cleanup after validation


The combination of all three validations ensures that Project Server 2003, Project Web Access (PWA), and Project 2003 are properly installed and configured to work with your EPM process.

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