Chapter21.Building Project Team and Resource Substitution

Chapter 21. Building Project Team and Resource Substitution


  • Building Project Teams

  • Performing Resource Substitution

  • Best Practices

The Enterprise Resource Pool is a central pool of your resources stored in the Project Server database. The Enterprise Resource Pool enables you to plan and balance the capacity of your resources across multiple projects, identify conflicts between task assignments in different projects, and view resource allocation information across multiple projects. You can use the Build Team feature in Project Professional to add resources in the Enterprise Resource Pool to projects.

Before building a project team and optimizing your resource assignments you need to have your Enterprise Resource Pool defined and created. The Enterprise Resource Pool contains all your enterprise resources with all their attributes that can be used to make selection of appropriate resources for your project teams more efficient.

When all your enterprise resources have been identified, approved, and procured, you can build your project team by entering the resource information into the project plan.

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