Best Practices

  • Build Team in PWA does provide handy matching, searching, and analytical features, but it is recommended that you use the Project Professional full-featured Build Team from Enterprise to perform any advanced additions, matching, and assignments. Build Team in PWA is a light feature for quickly adding resources to your project. Build Team can also be handy to use by resource managers, who can still manage resources on different projects without having Project Professional installed on their desktops.

  • When you check in projects other than yours, make sure that you have communicated to the owner of the project your intent to check in the project. It is also a good idea to wait for the project owner to confirm that it is okay to check the project back in. That is because all changes to the project schedule since the last save operation will be lost.

  • When viewing resource availability, make sure that you account for both committed and proposed bookings. This is the only way you can ensure that you have a true picture of resource allocation forecast.

  • Using administrative projects helps project and resource managers to identify all tasks and activities that resources are required to perform. It allows managers to have a true and accurate picture of resource allocation and better forecast the workload.

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