Best Practices

In general, the Home page is not used much more than as a quick view of PWA tasks and an entry point for all the other functions in PWA. As such, you can think of it as your Project Web Access portal.

You may want to consider the following for PWA:

  • Add hyperlinks to the Home page, such as to your Project Management Office link.

  • Customize the headers on all PWA screens to add your organization's logo. You can change the Branding.gif file in the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Project Server 2003\IIS Virtual Root\IMAGES to do this.

  • Remove the items on the side pane that your organization will not use (such as Change Password) via permissions in Admin, Server Configuration. In general, think about making sure that all PWA screens have only the functions you will really use in your organization.

  • If your organization does not use the Status Reports function, you might consider setting the permissions so that people cannot use it. This removes the Status Reports tab from the PWA menu tabs set.

  • Consider turning off the Alert Me function or make sure that you train your project managers to use it sparingly and wisely.

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