An Overview of Project 2003 s Internet Features

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An Overview of Project 2003's Internet Features

Many powerful features integrate Project 2003 with the Internet. Consistent with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access, Microsoft Project includes a Save As Web Page feature that lets you save a project as a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) document that can be published to an Internet Web site or corporate intranet (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. You can select Microsoft Project 2003's Save As Web Page menu item to save a project as a Web document.


In addition, Project 2003 includes the following Web features:

  • The capability to create an Import/Export map, which allows you to select the specific task, resource, and resource assignment fields to be included in an HTML document.

  • The capability to set up templates so that Microsoft Project Web pages can include graphics for your company logo, custom backgrounds and colors, and fonts that you specify.

  • The capability to communicate project information via the Internet or a corporate intranet, using the Project 2003 Web Client.

  • The capability to save a project as a Microsoft Project Database (MPD) file, which can be used to generate Web pages that contain dynamic content from a project plan.

The remainder of this chapter describes in detail each of these topics, and it includes many real-world examples of how you can integrate Microsoft Project 2003 with the Internet.

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