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Understanding Effort-Driven, Fixed-Duration Tasks


When I try to set the units value for an additional resource assignment on an effort-driven, fixed duration task, Project gives me an error message and won't allow it. What am I doing wrong?

By definition, fixed-duration tasks that are effort driven have both Work and Duration values fixed. Project will always calculate the Units value in this case and hence will present you with an error dialog if you try to set the Units value yourself. You need only pick a resource name in this situation and Project will reassign the remaining work across all assigned resources on the task by using the Max Units value for the new resource(s) plus the existing Units values for previously assigned resources and applying the same work formula of resource units divided by total units, as shown in Figure 9.7. If you need to set the Units values directly, you can do so after Project has created the assignment.

Adjusting Assignment Start Dates from the Task Form

How can I adjust the start date for an additional resource assignment on a task to be different than the start date for the task?

Right-click on the task form and pick Resource Schedule. From this view, you can directly edit the start date of each assignment on a task. To return the Task Form to its previous format, right-click on the task form and select Resources & Successors.

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