Preparing the Project

The next series of exercises will walk you through the steps of building a song using Software Instruments. Most of the song will be arranged using prere-corded Apple Loops that are Software Instruments. You'll also add a recording of your own using the Musical Typing feature. Once the parts are in place, you will apply some advanced arranging techniques to edit, transpose, and finish the piece.

First, you need to open the starting version of the song. This version contains three bass loops that will act as the foundation to the entire song.


Open the project 4-1 SpaceBass start from the Lesson_04 folder.


Choose File > Save As and save the project as SpaceBass into your My GarageBand Projects folder.


Play the project to hear the combined bass loops.

Sounds interesting. Not much of a song yet, but these bass parts inspired the entire piece. There's just one thing to take care of before moving on with building the song. The metronome! As soon as you opened another song, the metronome was right back on, clicking away during playback. Rather than turn it off every time you open a project, it's easier to just change the preferences. The metronome may not be playing on your system depending on your most recent metronome settings.


Choose GarageBand > Preferences.

The General Preferences window opens.


Select "During recording" from the Metronome controls.


Close the General Preferences window.

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