Selecting and Moving All Regions in the Timeline

Normally, you might move one or two regions at a time. In this case, to move them all, you'll select all the regions at once and move them toward the right. Keep in mind, the video clip will not be moved, and it always starts at the beginning of the project, regardless of where the first audio region starts in the Timeline.


Press Cmd-L, or click the Loop Browser button, to hide the Loop Browser.

You won't lose the selection when you close the Loop Browser. Instead, the Loop Browser remembers the last selection as long as you don't close the project.


Press Ctrl-left arrow several times to zoom out of the Timeline until you can see the beginning and end of the project in the Timeline.


Choose Edit > Select All, or press Cmd-A, to select all of the regions in the project.

The selected regions become darker in color in the Timeline.


If the Video Track is selected in the Timeline, the Edit > Select All function will be dimmed. However, the shortcut Cmd-A will always work to select all of the project's audio regions, even if the Video Track is selected.


Move the playhead to the beginning of the Timeline ( in the time display).


Press the right arrow key two times to move the playhead two measures to the right (

This is the new starting position for the song.


Click any of the selected regions and drag toward the right until the Lead Piano region begins at the playhead position.


Click any empty gray space in the Timeline to deselect all of the regions.

Now that you've selected and moved everything over so the song starts at the beginning of the 3rd measure, it's time to add the sound effect to the project.

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Apple Training Series: GarageBand 3
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