Copying and Pasting the New Selection

Now that you have a suitable clip (or sub-clip, so to speak) created on the Timeline, we'll next need to make a copy of it as our next step in creating a movie using the Reverse Action effect. It's important that we insert the copy, rather than overlay it. So, we'll be using CTRL-SHIFT-V, not simply CTRL-V.

Copy & Paste

Using your mouse, select the clip you just created (the middle clip that starts at 00;00;04;00).


You could also right-click on the clip and select Copy from the contextual menu, or select Edit, Copy from the main menu.

Press CTRL-C on your keyboard to copy it.

Press CTRL-SHIFT-V on your keyboard or Edit, Paste Insert on the main menu to insert the copied clip into place on the Timeline.


Be careful not to use the CTRL-V key combination here. This will overlay the clip at the CTI point, which will erase anything that's already there when we drop in, or paste, this clip. Effectively, it's a copy and replace. We want to do a copy and add , so we need to insert our new copy onto the Timeline, nudging everything else out of the way a bit and that's done using CTRL-SHIFT-V If you accidentally used CTRL-V, use CTRL-Z to undo it, then try again.

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Hollywood Special Effects with Adobe Premiere Elements 3
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