Making Adjustments, Rendering, and Exporting

Your final step in any project is to render and save. (Of course, you can render and save as often as you want throughout the development of the project. As for saving, you can't do it too many times!) You may want to optionally add a "fade out" to all of the clips as a nice way to end the movie. To do so, just select each clip in turn, and in the Opacity property for each, click the Fade Out button. (Be careful here. This can be a bit tricky as your clips are stacked and you may have "twins" disappearing in strange ways, but it can be done.) After that, make any final tweaks as needed, and your ready to save, render, and export your movie.

Finishing the Project

After you have played back your clip and made the necessary adjustments, press the ENTER key on your keyboard to render your project.

Press CTRL-S to save your project (or you can select File, Save from the menu).

Finally, export your work as an AVI file. To export the clip, select File, Export, Movie.


You can optionally bring this clip into a larger project, show it on your computer, upload it to an Internet video sharing site, or burn it to a DVD.

Hollywood Special Effects with Adobe Premiere Elements 3
Hollywood Special Effects with Adobe Premiere Elements 3
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