To Do: Create Your First Worksheet

The next hour 's lesson presents the details of creating, editing, and understanding specific areas of an Excel worksheet. For practice, however, work through the following steps to try Excel now. To do so, you will create a simple test-tracking worksheet for a professor . By working with a hands-on example now, you'll have a better feel for the overall Excel concept as you work the rest of this section of the book.

Follow these steps to create your first worksheet:

  1. Select File, New and select Blank Workbook from the New Worksheet task pane to create a new workbook.

  2. Click on cell C4 to move the cell pointer there and make it the active cell. The cell name , C4, appears in the formula bar.

  3. Type Student Gradebook . The text is wider than the cell, but Excel extends the text label over into the right cell (D4).

  4. Click on cell B6 and type Name .

  5. Press Tab to move the cell pointer to C6. (You can also click in C6 or press the right-arrow key to move the cell pointer to C6.)

  6. Enter the labels Test 1 , Test 2 , Test 3 , and Average in cells C6 through F6.

  7. Move to B8 and enter these values across row 8: Mary Bee , 77 , 89 , and 86 . (The 86 ends up in cell E8.)

  8. Enter these values underneath the previous ones to add the second row of data for your worksheet: Paul North , 89 , 87 , and 94 .

  9. Enter the following data for the next row: Terry Smith , 93 , 100 , and 95 . Notice that cell B10 is not wide enough to hold Terry Smith's entire name. As soon as you enter data in C10, the right portion of Terry Smith's name is truncated. You will fix this problem in a moment.

  10. Enter the following for the row 11: Sue Willis , 64 , 79 , and 83 .

  11. Type Class Average: in cell D13. (The label will flow into E13.) Your worksheet should resemble the one in Figure 6.6.

    Figure 6.6. You are on your way to creating your first Excel worksheet!


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