How does the toolbar's AutoReport differ from the AutoReport entries I see on the Report Wizard's opening screen?


The AutoReport entries on the Report Wizard's opening screen create more finished reports than the AutoReport toolbar button. Use the AutoReport toolbar button to quickly generate a report from your Datasheet and Form views. Use the Report Wizard AutoReport entries to produce more complete reports without taking the time to set up summary and sorting features. Not all reports require summaries, and the two AutoReport wizards suffice for many reports that you will generate.


What is the largest page size that I can produce in an Access report?


Access report pages can be as large as 22 inches wide by 22 inches long.


Do I subtotal on numeric fields or fields that I want to group by, such as Customer ID numbers ?


When you specify grouping instructions, the field that you group by is usually a nonnumeric field, such as a Customer ID field. Access collects all the customer ID records together and reports each customer's information in one group. When Access finishes reporting a customer's records (when the ID changes), Access subtotals the numeric fields in that group before starting the next group.

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