16.9. Test Your Understanding

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What are the two standard HTTP methods of sending data to a Web host? Which does ASP.NET use as its default?


Indicate whether the following statements are true or false.

  1. All controls in ASP.NET are classes.

  2. An .aspx page must be compiled before it can respond to a request.

  3. A user must have the .NET runtime installed to take advantage of ASP.NET Web pages.

  4. ASP.NET may render different HTML code for different browsers.

  5. A Web page may contain both HTML Server and Web controls.


Which collection class contains the data for List controls?


You set up an event handler to be called when the contents of a TextBox change. If the contents are changed, when is the event handler code executed?


Which property enables the controls on a master page to be programmatically accessed?


Which property must be set and which method executed to bind a control to a data source?


Indicate whether the following statements are true or false with regard to a data-bound control.

  1. It can bind directly to a DataAdapter.

  2. It can bind directly to a DataReader.

  3. The control is populated with data when its Fill method is invoked.

  4. Its DataSource property can specify a DataSet or a data source control.


You have a form containing a text box field that is used to input a phone number. Which control would you use to ensure that the phone number includes an area code?


Which directive must a Web page include to use a custom control on the page?

  1.  @Page 

  2.  @Import 

  3.  @Register 

  4.  @Assembly 


What role does the HtmlTextWriter class play in the implementation of a custom control?


What are the advantages of creating a composite control versus a non-composite custom control?

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    Core C# and .NET
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