10.6. Test Your Understanding

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XmlReader is an abstract class. How do you create an instance of it to read an XML document?


What is the purpose of the XmlReaderSettings class?


Which of these classes cannot be used to update an XML document?

  1.  XmlDocument 

  2.  XmlDataDocument 

  3.  XmlPathDocument 


Using the XML data from Listing 10-10, show the node values returned by the following XPath expressions:

  1.  //movies[substring( movie_Title,2,1)='a'] 

  2.  //movies[2] 

  3.  //movies[movie_Year >= 1978] 

  4.  //directors[last_name='Scorsese']       /movies/movie_Title 


Describe two ways to perform schema validation on an XML document.

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