9.5. Test Your Understanding

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Does Arial Bold refer to a font family, typeface, or font?


What is the default unit of measurement for a font? What size is it (in inches)?


Which method and enumeration are used to right justify an output string?


When the following code is executed, what is the x coordinate where the third column begins?

 float[] tStops = {50f, 60f, 200f, 40f}; StringFormat sf = new StringFormat(); sf.SetTabStops(0,tStops); string hdr =  "Col1\tCol2\tCol3\tCol4"; g.DrawString(hdr, myFont, Brushes.Black, 10,10,sf); 


Which PrintDocument event is called after PrintDocument.Print is executed?


Which class available to the PrintPage event handler defines the margins for a page?


What three steps must be included to permit a document to be previewed before printing?

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    Core C# and  .NET
    Core C# and .NET
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