106 Create a New Drawing

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Unlike most other OpenOffice.org programs, Draw comes with no templates. Unlike common documents (such as memos) and presentations (such as those that might introduce a new product), drawings can differ from one another in such a major way that there isn't any way OpenOffice.org could provide templates that attempt to help you with what you might want to draw next .

Before You Begin

105 Set Draw Options

See Also

107 Open an Existing Drawing

110 Draw from Scratch


Most often, you'll create a brand-new drawing from scratch (or change one you've already created). Draw supplies drawing tools such as shapes and lines, and you can place graphic images and charts in your drawings also. Of course, you can put text throughout a drawing and add some effects to the text to make it look more artistic than plain text would look.



Draw does support templates, and you can create your own by saving your drawing with the File, Save As menu option and selecting the OpenOffice.org Drawing Template option for the file type.

  1. Request a New Drawing

    Select Drawing from the Windows menu to create a new drawing. Draw displays a blank drawing area on which you can work. Of course, once inside Draw, you can select File, New, Drawing to display a fresh drawing area where you can create your drawing. Alternatively, you can click the New toolbar button to open a new, blank drawing area quickly.



    Unlike in Writer and Impress, AutoPilot provides no help when creating drawings.



    If you want to protect your drawing from prying eyes, click to check the Save with password option before clicking Save . Draw requests a password that anyone will have to enter before editing or viewing your drawing.

  2. Compose Your Drawing

    Create your drawing in the blank drawing area that Draw provides. You'll draw lines, add shapes, type and format text, and edit your composition depending on your drawing's goals. You can print your drawing (see 109 Print a Drawing ) at any time.

  3. Save the Drawing

    After creating your drawing, select File, Save and type the name of your drawing. Draw uses the filename extension .sxd for your drawing. Click Save to save your drawing.

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