Choosing What to Print

In some cases you may want to choose what to print ”only a portion of the worksheet and not the whole worksheet or workbook. Excel's Print Area feature lets you single out an area on the worksheet that you want to print. The Print Titles feature lets you repeat the title, subtitle , column headings, and row headings on every page.

If you have a sizable worksheet that is broken into several pages, you may want to fit those pages on one page. Excel's Fit To option lets you shrink the pages to fit on one page, which is another way of choosing exactly what you want to print.

Selecting a Print Area

To print specific portions of a worksheet, such as a range of cells , you can single out an area as a separate page and then print that page.

Before you select a print area, you need to think about which area you want to single out, excluding any column and row headings that are going to print at the top edge and left side of every page. To select the print area, highlight the cells that contain the data. Don't highlight the column and row headings.

Next, click File, Print Area, Set Print Area. Excel inserts automatic page breaks to the left and right and the top and bottom of the range you selected, as shown in Figure 46.2. You should see a dashed line border around the print area.

Figure 46.2. The selected print area.


To remove the print area, click File, Print Area, and Clear Print Area. The automatic page breaks should disappear in the worksheet.

Printing the Column and Row Headings

You can select titles that are located on the top edge (column headings) and left side (row headings) of your worksheet and print them on every page of the printout.

Fitting Your Worksheet to a Number of Pages

If you have a large worksheet that is divided into several pages, you can shrink the pages to fit on one page by using the Fit To option. For instance, if the worksheet is two pages wide by three pages tall, you can reduce the worksheet to fit on one page by selecting the Fit To option. Because the default setting for this option is one page wide by one page tall, Excel prints your worksheet on one page. You can compare the Fit To option to the reduction feature on a copier machine.

The Fit To option works this way: Click the File menu and choose Page Setup. When the Page Setup dialog box opens, click the Page tab. In the Scaling section, choose the Fit To option. Specify the number of pages wide by the number of pages tall, as shown in Figure 46.3.

Figure 46.3. Fitting your worksheet to a specific number of pages.


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