Chapter14.Optimize Your Paid Search Program

Chapter 14. Optimize Your Paid Search Program

"Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons," Woody Allen reminds us. So too, search marketers who are flush with cash have the advantage, but only if their money is spent wisely. We all know that a fool and his money are soon parted, but with paid search you might be shocked as to how quickly they are parted.

Paid search is deceptively simple in concept, yet never mastered. The paid search programs are constantly changing and your competition is always on the move. However, you can succeed in paid search if you learn some basic principles and stick to them. We do not examine every tiny angle in each search engineyou can use the resources in Chapter 16, "What's Next?" to learn more. Instead, this chapter will equip you to judge the soundness of more detailed advice by providing a solid grounding in the basics:

  • Paid search opportunities. Paid placement and shopping search engines are the two top ways to drive return on your search marketing investment. We explain each, and help you decide whether they are for you.

  • Your paid search philosophy. As with everything in search marketing, a successful paid search program requires some upfront thinking. You need to think clearly about what paid search means to your business and what approach you will take, both at the start and as your paid search program unfolds.

  • Step-by-step paid search optimization. Paid search requires careful attention to details. We walk you through the typical process of implementing a paid search campaign.

When you have completed this chapter, you will be ready to plan and execute a comprehensive paid search campaign. We begin with a close look at the paid search opportunities available to you.

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