Reporting on Classes

You can display several class-related reports right from the class list window. And don't forget that you can customize many of the QuickBooks standard reports to include a column for your classes. See "Customizing Reports" in Chapter 18, "Preparing the Top Ten QuickBooks Reports," for more information.

Select Class List from the Lists menu.

Click the Reports button.

Choose from these reports:

  • QuickReport (Ctrl+Q) Displays a report of all the transactions that refer to the selected class.

  • Profit and Loss by Class Select Reports On All Classes, Profit and Loss by Class. This report shows you all income and expenses for the year to date, with a separate column for each class.

  • Profit and Loss Unclassified Select Reports On All Classes, Profit and Loss Unclassified to display the Profit and Loss without breaking out amounts by class.

  • Graphs Select Reports On All Classes, Graphs to select either graphs depicting Income and Expense Items by Class or Budget vs. Actual by Class.

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