Chapter 1. Setting Up Your Company Accounts with the EasyStep Interview

What You'll Do

Install QuickBooks

Register QuickBooks

Set Up QuickBooks in a Multiuser Office

Transfer Data from Earlier Versions of QuickBooks

Transfer Data from Quicken

Experiment with the Sample Company Files

Enter New Company Data

Enter a Start Date

Set Up Your Bank Account

Set Up Expense Accounts

Set Up Income Accounts

Stop and Restart the Interview

For many, the most unpleasant part of owning a small business is the necessity of dealing with accounting issues. When your skill is in providing services or producing inventory, finding the time or inclination to set up and maintain a bookkeeping system is difficult. But as we all know, it is only with a quality bookkeeping system that you will keep track of how much money your company is making and how successful you really are.

Years ago, Intuit came to the rescue of many small business owners with its QuickBooks software. QuickBooks is a bookkeeping program that is so sophisticated it provides all the record keeping and reporting opportunities you need to keep on top of your company's progress. At the same time, QuickBooks is so easy to use that someone with little or no accounting background can start using the program right out of the box.

For years, the biggest hurdle of using QuickBooks was the initial setup process. With the new 2006 version of QuickBooks, the setup process has been streamlined to the point where you can complete the setup in minutes, and start using your QuickBooks program right away.

Show Me. QuickBooks 2006
Show Me QuickBooks 2006
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