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Roxio makes the VideoWave Movie Creator, a software program that enables you to turn raw video footage into an edited movie. You can capture the video directly from your digital video camera or from a capture card. Some video-editing software, especially Adobe Premiere Pro, is especially sensitive to your hardware, and might require a capture card before installing. You can add a soundtrack to the movie as well as trim clips, add transitions, titles, and credits. Of course, Movie Maker does this as well, but VideoWave Movie Creator adds several features that Movie Maker does not support.

VideoWave includes advanced features, such as style templates , that many find useful when editing video:

  • Embossed and 3D special effects and graphic titles and overlay text enhance your productions .

  • A drag-and-drop interface to video CD or DVD makes creating and sharing movies simple.



    Each of the products described in this chapter overlaps in some of their feature sets. Some even overlap Movie Maker's features, although the others add more powerful editing and production tools that you don't get with Movie Maker alone.

  • DVD and CD menu templates enable you to quickly design a theme around the video you produce.

  • StoryBuilder's guided editing feature enables you to select from introductory and ending templates that ensure your titles, credits, and special effects work well together.

  • The Storyline editor allows you to fine-tune details such as your movie's brightness, contrast settings, and add and modify advanced special effects such as the rippling of clips (as though reflected from water).



    Templates ” Predesigned StoryBuilder models that contain graphics and special effects you can select that create consistent tones for your various movies.

  • DVD Authoring enables you to select from a wide assortment of DVD menus that a video DVD player can access.

  • Movie templates for all occasions let you create holiday, anniversary, graduation, and other videos with themes.

Think of VideoWave as Movie Maker's older brother. If you want more freedom and special effects than Movie Maker provides, even with the Movie Maker Creativity Fun Pack and Plus! Digital Media Edition, you should consider making the upgrade to VideoWave. Other programs such as Nero ( see 109 Capture, Edit, and Produce with Nero ) and Premiere Pro ( see 110 About Editing Professionally with Adobe Premiere Pro ) also add more elements than Movie Maker can provide, but they require a steeper learning curve than VideoWave for the advanced features.



You've seen DVD menus if you've ever played a DVD and selected the extra features found on most of them such as deleted scenes, director's commentary , and actor biographies.

  1. Capture Video



    A huge VideoWave advantage for Movie Maker users is that VideoWave can import movies saved in the Windows Media Player format, whereas the other products in this chapter cannot. Therefore, you can import a Movie Maker movie created earlier into VideoWave and apply VideoWave's more advanced special editing features to your production.

    Capture your video from your graphics card or through a FireWire-cabled connection to your digital video camera. You can also import video and audio from files you've already created, including Movie Maker videos you've saved in the Windows Media Player format.

  2. Select Editing Method

    VideoWave provides three tools you can select from to edit your video. Select an editing method you want to use for your video. You can use the CineMagic tool, which works very much like Movie Maker's AutoMovie tool. Just select the CineMagic option and VideoWave creates a movie from your video and soundtrack. The StoryBuilder option provides a menu that walks you through your video's creation, and the StoryLine editor offers a more detailed timeline approach to video editing.



    Only use CineMagic for video that has a music soundtrack. If your video has narration or conversation, CineMagic might edit out part of the speaker's voice.

  3. Walk Through StoryBuilder

    StoryBuilder ( assuming you didn't want to use CineMagic to create a final movie) offers a menu on the left side of the screen with options that range from naming your production to creating an end title. The process is much more sequential than Movie Maker's because StoryBuilder takes you step by step, in order, as you select options and click the Next button. For example, after you select a template style for your movie (such as a birthday style), StoryBuilder asks you for the introductory titles. VideoWave's 3D and embossed text styles provide far more options for text than Movie Maker provides ( see 63 Add Titles to Your AutoMovie ).



    The two biggest advantages that VideoWave offers over Movie Maker are its rich assortment of special text effects (like 3D) and the built-in DVD design that features direct burning from within the program.

  4. Use Storyline Editor

    If you use VideoWave's Storyline Editor (either after you create a movie with CineMagic or StoryBuilder or without using either of those tools first), you can use Storyline Editor to edit your movie in detail using a timeline format. You can edit every aspect of your movie's video or audio, and even select from a wide variety of text styles for your titles and credits.



    After you master VideoWave, you can upgrade to the VideoWave Power Edition and get even more special effects, such as picture-in-a-picture (PIP), where you watch one video in full-screen and a second in a small window, video production for streaming over the Internet, and advanced filtering that provides the same camera effects found in expensive Hollywood cameras .

  5. Design Your DVD

    After you've created your movie, you can send that movie straight to a DVD or movie on CD within VideoWave. You can design every element of your DVD, including the opening DVD's background picture and the menu used to select different content on the DVD. VideoWave offers a preview of your entire DVD menu and content so you can ensure that your DVD will contain exactly what you want before burning the disc.

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