Here There Be Dragons

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Here There Be Dragons!

Since this is a combat-oriented MUD, you need enemies. For the SimpleMUD, these enemies are going to be (you guessed it) simple. Since you're going to be fighting them, they obviously need some combat attributes: hitpoints, accuracy, dodging, strike damage, and damage absorption .

In addition to those combat attributes, enemies have a default weapon, from which their damage range will be taken.

Whenever you end up defeating an enemy, you gain a number of experience points; so enemies also have a set number of experience points, which are added to your points whenever you kill them.

MUDs would be boring if all you got when you killed enemies was points; so enemies also have loot ! Whenever you kill an enemy, there's a chance it will drop some money. This is represented by two values: a min and a max. The game generates a random number between the min and the max, and that's the amount of money a monster drops when he dies.

Money is fun on its own, but it's awfully impersonal. If everyone just dropped money, it would get too boring. If enemies can drop special items when they die, however, that makes the game more interesting. You can make certain enemies drop items that can't be found anywhere else in the game, and so on. Each item in an enemy's loot list has two values associated with it: the item number, and the percent chance that the item will be dropped.

That's about it for the enemies.

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MUD Game Programming (Premier Press Game Development)
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