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That's as much as I want to show you about the BetterMUD. I hope that you've gotten a good look at how the whole system is put together, so that you can see how a dynamic data/ dynamic logic MUD works.

I hope that now you have a clear sense of the power available to you with this system. I don't want you to go away thinking that the BetterMUD is a complete MUD. It's far from being a complete MUD, but the basic framework is there for you to play around with.

Clearly the most powerful part of the MUD is its flexibility. By abstracting the controls of the logical away from the physical, you're essentially allowing yourself to change the game whenever you want.

I tried not to restrict you to any one paradigm of game, but that's difficult. Obviously, I set most of my items and characters into a pseudo-medieval hack-and-slash style game, but you don't have to accept that setting.

Heck, if you really want to, you can just use the BetterMUD core as a fancy chat program, but that would be like driving a Lamborghini 20 mph to go to the grocery store on Sundays.

I would again like to extend an invitation to you to come and play on my BetterMUD server. It is running on, port 5110. I can't guarantee that I'll always be there, but when you catch me, if you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them. I plan on adding tons of scripts and making it a large community, and I'll have scripts available for you to download on my website. Check out for downloads, add-ons, code updates, and so forth.

I regret that I simply didn't have the time to make a full featured datafile editor for the BetterMUD, but I'll work on one and post it to the website if you're interested.

I want you to think of what I've shown you as a guideline. You should now know enough about network programming, threading, and general MUD design to tackle your own project from scratch. Personally, after the experience I had writing the BetterMUD, I would recommend writing a MUD entirely from scratch in Python. Python has so many built-in libraries that it makes everything incredibly easy to code, and it's not as if you're going to be sucking up too much processor power, since MUDs don't really need that much processing. Good luck, I hope to see you on my server!

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