Chapter Eight. Designing for Creative Flexibility

Change is good. Or at least that's what they say. But I don't think they were talking about changes from clients at the eleventh hour. In those situations, change isn't so good; it's actually kind of troubling. But if you've done your homework and set up your Creative Suite documents properly to account for these sorts of last-minute changes, you may well greet them with the utmost conviction and take them on instead of dreading them.

Another kind of change is when you decide to head off in a different design direction. You shouldn't feel stifled by your software when creative inspiration strikes. Being able to explore many creative directions in your designs should only be limited by your time and inspiration, not your software.

This chapter focuses on the features and tools found throughout the Creative Suite that help manage last-minute changes and allow you the freedom to easily go off in a completely new design direction without losing where you began.

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