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package window in GoLive, features of
packages, adding images or graphics to (GoLive)
page transitions, changing
pages. [See Web pages]
palette well, availability of
     grouping, docking, and stashing
     linking to workspaces
Paragraph and Character Styles palettes, using
paragraph styles, using in Illustrator and InDesign
paragraphs, ending with single returns
passwords, changing for system admin
Paste options in Photoshop, explanations of
Path Paste option in Photoshop, explanation of
Pathfinder palette in Illustrator, creating compound shapes with
PDF files
     building in InDesign
     changing layer visibility of
     importing into Illustrator
     placing in InDesign
     saving out from Illustrator
     touching up in Acrobat
PDF presentations, making from Photoshop layer comps
PDF presets, sharing
PDF reviews. [See also email-based PDF reviews]
     collecting comments from
     initiating with Version Cue
Photo Filter adjustment layer, using with Photoshop
photos. [See also images; Stock Photos service]
     buying via Illustrator and InDesign
     cropping and straightening in Photoshop
     adding vector artwork in
     and weighted optimization for Web
     batch processing files in
     control bars in
     copying compound shapes into
     creating layer comps in
     creating Smart Objects in
     creating Web Photo Gallery in
     cropping and straightening photos in
     customizing menus in
     deleting workspaces in
     filters available in
     fixing bad splits in
     Image Processor in
     launching Bridge automatically with
     making color range selections in
     placing Illustrator files in
     removing color casts with
     repairing image flaws in
     reselecting last selections in
     seeing what's new in
     shortcut editor capabilities of
     support for native file formats
     using actions in
     using adjustment layers n
     using fill layers with
     using filter combinations with
     using layer masks with
     using Smart Sharpen filter with
     working with layer styles in
     working with multiple layers in
Photoshop files
     changing layer visibility of
     exporting Illustrator files as
     importing into Illustrator
Photoshop layer comps, making PDF presentations from
Photoshop layers. [See also layers]
     changing in GoLive Smart Objects
     lack of support for
Pixels Paste option in Photoshop, explanation of
Place option in InDesign, using with multipage PDF files
ports 3703 and 427, relationship to firewalls and Version Cue
     for Story Editor
     setting for Adobe Updater
presets, sharing for PDFs
Preview mode versus Live Rendering (GoLive)
Preview option, using with paragraph styles
Print Book option in InDesign, accessing
Print dialog, displaying in Illustrator
product support pages, checking
properties, assigning to element styles in GoLive

Adobe Creative Suite 2 How-Tos(c) 100 Essential Techniques
Adobe Creative Suite 2 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques
ISBN: 0321356748
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 143

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