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Gaussian blur, removing with Smart Sharpen filter
     adding favorite icon to pages in
     adjusting source code formatting in
     applying CSS to markup elements in
     checking syntax of source code in
     control bars in
     converting multiple documents in
     converting to XHTML in
     CSS Editor in
     customizing toolbars in
     designing with layers in
     detecting rollover images in
     joining tools and objects in
     layer grid settings in
     live rendering in
     managing styles with folders in
     opening Inspector palette in
     Outline Editor in
     packaging InDesign documents for
     removing tags while keeping contents in
     renaming workspaces in
     separating tools and objects in
     shortcut editor capabilities of
     shortcut keys for tools in
     Split Source view in
     support for native file formats
     support for slices in
     using components in
     using CSS in
     using CSS layout objects in
     using InDesign packages in
     using Markup Tree bar in
     using Smart Objects in
GoLive pages, adding text or tables to
graphic styles
     saving in Illustrator
     using in Illustrator
graphics, adding to packages in GoLive
Grid Text Box tool in GoLive
     description of
     keyboard shortcut for
     isolating within groups in Illustrator
     making clipping masks for

Adobe Creative Suite 2 How-Tos(c) 100 Essential Techniques
Adobe Creative Suite 2 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques
ISBN: 0321356748
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 143

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