Radome-Enclosed Yagi Antenna: HyperLink HG2415Y

Homepage: http://www.hyperlinktech.com

The HG2415Y is a high quality Yagi (directional) antenna with very strong performance. The antenna weighs approximately 1.8 pounds , which makes it lightweight and extremely easy to install. It comes complete with two U-bolt mounting brackets that will allow the antenna to be connected to a mast up to 2 3/8" in diameter.

The antenna is supplied with a 24" pigtail that terminates in a choice of N, TNC, or SMA connectors. The part number that we tested corresponds to an antenna terminated in N Female. We used a CA-WL2CABLE1 to connect the antenna to an ORiNOCO PCMCIA card. Our initial tests revealed that while using this antenna, we were able to connect to our test access point from three times the distance, on an unamplified signal, using stock antennas on the access point. Please see Figures 1.5 and 1.6 for screenshots showing signal strengths.

Figure 1.5. Base ”Using the built-in antenna.


Figure 1.6. Signal samples taken while using the HG2415Y antenna from HyperLink Technologies.


As you can see, the signal strength dramatically increased with the use of HyperLink's HG2415Y antenna. This antenna is great for point-to-point links and is built to withstand the forces of Mother Nature. In fact, it is capable of surviving wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour , so this antenna will be able to perform under extreme conditions. Overall, this antenna is the top of the line, and should be one of your first choices.

Tech Specs


2400 “2500MHz



-3dB Beam Width:

30 degrees


50 Ohm

Max. Input Power: 5

0 Watts


< 1.5:1 avg.


1.8 lb.


19" long x3" diameter



Wind Survival:

> 150 MPH


VSWR is the Voltage Standing Wave Ratio. It represents the ratio of "Forward Power" to "Reverse Power" (how much is being put into the antenna versus how much is being reflected back to your radio).

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