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Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days, Second Edition
By Chris Payne
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Day 4.  Using ASP.NET Objects with C# and VB.NET

That's Not ASP!

If you're familiar with classic ASP, you should notice a lot of changes in ASP.NET, but also a lot of similarities. Many of the objects you were familiar with in ASP are still available, but they've taken on slightly different forms in the .NET Framework. For instance, there's now a class called HttpCookie that provides the methods and properties used to manipulate your cookies. The Request, Response, and Session objects are still pretty much the same. The HttpServerUtility object replaces the old Server object, and you now have a new object called Page that represents the page itself.

These objects provide a lot of functionality, and many of the concepts and methodologies for implementing them in ASP.NET are the same as those in ASP. For example, the use of Session variables still follows the rules of memory limits applied in ASP. However, this and other objects work behind the scenes to provide a much more stable and powerful environment. The Session object can now store variables across server farms, and can even save data upon server crashes. You'll examine that in more detail on Day 18.

Moving to object-oriented programming may require some getting used to, but once you learn it, it will simplify the way you do things. It's vital that you learn how to use the built-in .NET objects because they're the key to developing strong ASP.NET applications.

Yesterday and today, you learned about two of the new ASP.NET programming languages, VB.NET and C#. Luckily, they don't require much of an adjustment on the part of VBScript developers. They open up a whole new world for C and C++ developers, who now can develop ASP.NET pages in a familiar language.

Although certain ASP.NET features seem to improve upon traditional ASP only cosmetically, their new framework provides much more power and soon you'll begin to take advantage of it!


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